Quality assurance

Rest Assured - your accommodation provider has been checked out before you check in!

All accommodation listed on this site has been assessed for quality by one or more specalist agencies:

  •  VisitEngland - the naional tourist board
  • the AA - the motoring organisation
  • accredited with Sussex by the Sea  administered by VisitEngland
  • or is self-assessed by a recognised group or organisation. 

VisitEngland and AA star ratings

VisitEngland and the AA work to the same standards when assessing visitor accommodation and rate each property with one to five stars as part of the official national quality scheme. This means that your accommodation has been visited and assessed by the experts, so you know what to expect and can find just the right accommodation to fit your needs and your budget.
Visit England Quality Logo     AA 5 Star logo
One star = simple, practical, no frills
Two stars = well presented and well run
Three stars = good level of quality and comfort
Four stars = excellent standard throughout
Five stars = exceptional with a degree of luxury
This symbol indicates that the visitor accommodation is
Local accredited visitor accommodation scheme
Where you see this blue and white symbol it means that the visitor accommodation is participating in the Sussex by the Sea Accredited Visitor Accommodation Scheme.
Sussex by the Sea works with VisitEngland, the national tourist board, to offer this scheme. Properties in this scheme may not exhibit Quality Stars, but the scheme is focussed on ensuring the minimum legal standards for providing visitor accommodation are met and that the accommodation is legal, safe and clean.
The minimum legal standards are that the property must:
  • complete a Fire Risk Assessment. This is a legal requirement as part of the Regulatory Fire Reform;
  • have public liability insurance;
  • be registered with the Council’s Environmental Health Department if food is served;
  • have a valid 'Gas Safe' certificate (self catering only).
If you happen to see an accommodation listed on this site with no stars or rating symbol, they may be in the process of applying to join one or more of the schemes. Please email the Sussex by the Sea tourism team if you have any questions.