• A man and a woman can be seen from the back sitting on bar stools while a smiling landlady pulls them a pint behind the bar

    Classic English pubs

    Enjoy traditional English cuisine in a town or village pub.

  • Girls smile as they enjoy an ice cream in a cone on a sunny day on Bognor Regis beach

    Tasty seaside treats

    No visit to the beach would be complete without a traditional seaside snack! Buy an ice cream from a seafront seller.

  • A close up of five silver freshly caught fish lying on ice

    Local produce

    Many restaurants and cafés serve locally caught seafood or produce grown nearby.

  • White froth can be seen bubbling up at the top of a white coffee cup, sprinkled with chocolate and with a circular biscuit on the side

    Coffee, tea and cake

    Take a mid-morning or afternoon sightseeing break at a café or coffee shop.

Food and drink

East Beach Café

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The Thomas Heatherwick designed structure is an unmissable sight on Littlehampton's seafront. T: +44 (0)1903 731903