Beach FAQs

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Beach FAQs

Here in Sussex by the Sea, we know that every seaside holiday is unique to the person planning it.
That's why we've tried to provide answers to the more commonly asked questions about our beaches to help you plan your perfect stay. If you don't find the answer you're looking for below, feel free to email us.

Can I take my dog to the beach?

Yes, although some beaches have restrictions during the summer season (1 May-30 September). More information and the local authority’s Dog Owners Code of Practice for beaches is available at Arun District Council Beaches information page

Can I ride my horse on the beaches?

Horses are not permitted on the beaches in the Arun District between 10am and 6pm on any day between 1st May and 30th September. It is also not permissible to break in or race any animal in such a manner that may cause danger or annoyance to anyone else using the beach. If you do wish to ride on the beaches outside of these times, please be aware that the shingle sea defences may make access difficult. 

Will the tide affect my visit?
We recommend checking the Tide Tables for high tides.
What’s the bathing water quality like?
Please seek more information from Arun District Council and note that occasional Red Flags on the beach mean bathing in the sea is not recommended.
When do Lifeguards and Foreshore Officers operate?
Foreshore Officers are on duty on Bognor Regis and Littlehampton East Beaches between April and September, when they patrol the promenades and operate a first aid post.
A lifeguard service is also available at

  • Bognor Regis East Beach  Daily 4 July-6 September 2015  
  • Littlehampton East (East and West Lifeguard Units)  Daily 23 May-6 September 2015
  • A team of trained RLSS lifeguards patrols the beaches, and in Littlehampton, with it's harbour and fast flowing river, operates a safety boat and patrol boat ensures that you can enjoy the sea in relative safety.

Please also check the Arun District Council Beaches information page for any updates to this information before you travel.
What is there to help protect children?
A free Kid Care armband service operates on Bognor Regis Beach and Littlehampton East Beach between April and September. On arrival at either Littlehampton or Bognor Regis go to the Foreshore Office or ask the Lifeguards and they will provide you with a free wristband for your children.They will ask you for your phone details and name so that if your child becomes separated from your family or party, you can be quickly reunited.
Please also check with Arun District Council for any updates to this information before you travel.
Where can I find more information?
For further information, including whether you can hold a beach barbeque, which beaches permit metal detecting, whether horse-riding is permitted and more, please contact Arun District Council Beaches information page, visit our Visitor Information Points or email us.

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